In an online search, some subject lines are less than informative (Genetoons Cartoon #20)

In an online search, some subject lines are less than informative (Genetoons Cartoon #20) Genetoons is a simple, one-panel, Genealogy cartoon for the whole family to enjoy. Using a Genealogical idea or fact, I want the reader to laugh! I hope you enjoy them.

When to Hire a Professional Genealogist

Are you at the point in your research where you have looked at all the record sources you can find and feel like you’re at a roadblock? Every genealogist reaches that infamous “brick wall” every now and then. This is where you reach a certain ancestor and just cannot go back any further no matter how hard you try. It can be very frustrating, especially if the brick wall is in the still relatively recent past. You think there should

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Ancestral Findings Podcast: Episode 5

AF-005: Tips for Researching German Genealogy Researching your German ancestors takes knowledge and ingenuity. It is not like researching ancestors in America. Germany has only actually been one unified nation since 1871. Many people doing German genealogy research may find this surprising. However, it is an important point that has a huge impact on how you will go about doing your German genealogy research. Download this Episode Read Transcript Click Here to Subscribe via iTunes. Click Here to Subscribe via RSS

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The Secrets of the 1840 Census, Revealed

Are you doing census research in your genealogy right now? You’ve probably already discovered that only heads of households were listed by name until the 1850 census. Many genealogists, particularly beginners, look at earlier censuses as mostly useless. Of course, the more experienced you become with genealogy, the more use you will get out of pre-1850 census records. These earlier census records can tell you how many people lived in a person’s household, what their genders and age ranges were,

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