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The State Capitals: Maine

Augusta is the capital city of the state of Maine. It has a long and interesting history going back thousands of years. It continues to be a dynamic and important city today. Here is what you need to...

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What is Autosomal DNA?

Have you considered doing an autosomal DNA test to add to and improve the accuracy of your family tree? Have you even heard of autosomal DNA? It is the most common type of publicly available DNA test...

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Genealogy Helps #4

It’s always a thrilling moment when you discover that one of your distant ancestors did something momentous. And with Genealogy Helps, Volume 4, you’re one step closer to finding the information...

Genealogy Helps #11

Researching ancestry is an exciting and fun pastime which many people are taking up thanks to the easy accessibility of records through the internet and other forms of research.