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The State Capitals: Texas

Austin is the capital of the US state of Texas. It has a long history of human habitation. It also has an interesting history as first a capital of Texas as an independent nation, and later, as a...

How to Use Foreign Language Genealogy Sources

Are you researching foreign-speaking ancestors? Whether they lived in America or you are researching them in their homeland, you may come across foreign language documents that you need assistance in...

GeneFoods: Czech Out Kolache!

Take a trip with us and Czech out the delectable history of the kolache as we trace its rich Bohemian heritage. I’ll show you this treat’s fascinating story!

The History of Covered Bridges in America

The history of covered bridges in North America and the United States is a fascinating one. The bridges that remain are quite beloved and mostly protected. Here is the history of covered bridges in...

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