"Must-Do" Genealogy Projects

6 “Must-Do” Genealogy Projects for October


Are you looking for some excellent genealogy projects to keep you busy and building your family tree in October? Here are six of them you definitely must do.


1. Do Some Cemetery Research in the Field

In some parts of the country, it is too hot to go outside and do cemetery research until around this time of year. If the weather is just starting to cool off for you, take some time to do that field research you’ve been meaning to get to.


2. Go to a New Archive or Genealogy Library

If you live in an area of the country where it is too cold to go out into the field in October, go to a new archives building or genealogy library instead. Make sure it’s one you’ve been meaning to go to, and enjoy some warm, toasty research inside.


3. Write Another Chapter on Your Family History

When you’re working on a family history book, it can sometimes be difficult to find time to write in our busy lives. Try taking a month to write a chapter. Use this month to add one more chapter to the book.


4. Try Some Traditional Fall Family Recipes

Our ancestors ate seasonal foods, since shipping long distances wasn’t widely available. Find some recipes using seasonal foods from your ancestors’ time periods, and include one or two with your meals several times a week this month.


5. Make Fall Photo Collages

Gather pictures of your current family and/or ancestors in fall settings and make collages out of them. Frame the collages and put them on your walls for festive, seasonal genealogical decorations.


6. Visit Genealogically Significant Museums

With the weather getting cooler, now is the perfect time to get indoors and visit local museums with collections that are significant to your family history. Bring the kids to teach them more about the family history in a way they will enjoy.


Bonus Projects

7. Halloween Photo Album

If you have any photos of you, your immediate family, and/or your ancestors in Halloween costumes, you should put together a special Halloween genealogy photo album using them. Make sure to use archival safe albums and label all of the photos with an archival safe pen. Make copies and give them out as Halloween gifts.


8. Ancestor Halloween Costumes

If you have photos of your ancestors, you can make Halloween costumes of them. Give a costume to each close family member and throw a genealogy-themed Halloween party. Make food your selected ancestors would have eaten and serve it at the party for an extra bit of genealogical flavor.


9. Interview Your Older Relatives About Halloween Costumes

If you’ve interviewed your older relatives for genealogical information, but did not ask about Halloween customs they and their families celebrated when they were children, now is a perfect time to go back and ask them, and add that valuable family and historical information to your research narrative.


10. Celebrate All Hallow’s Eve

Traditionally, Halloween was a holiday to honor the deceased ancestors in your family. Bring back some of Halloween’s original flavor from the days when it was called All Hallow’s Eve, and go visit the graves of your ancestors at the cemeteries near you. If you can’t get to a cemetery where your ancestors are buried, have a celebration at home where you light candles for each ancestor you’re honoring, and talk about what you know about these people with your close family members who are attending.



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