Kandi Cicatko asked 2 years ago

This is my ancestor bit I can’t find no records.

James b whitcomb or james v whitcomb

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Leslie A Hiller answered 10 months ago

Hello Kandi Cicatko,

I am from the Whitcomb family, too. There are several branches and lines of Whitcombs and on top of that there are a lot of James’. So, if I could get a date when your ancestor was alive and where he lived, I should be able to track him down.
We have a very interesting family from being early settlers in the Plymouth area of Massachusetts to participating in the Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War (both sides) and just about every armed conflict that the US has participated in, including what is going on now. We have our roots firmly planted in Britain I have been able to trace them to the 13th century.
So, if you would like some help – answer this note and I do my best to find your James b or v Whitcomb.
Leslie Hiller

kandi cicatko answered 10 months ago

Leslie a hiller,
My name is kandi cicatko. My James whitcomb was born in 1814. I have been only using the middle initial b because its what was on his hat. I don’t know his exact middle name. It said he was born in new York. He married a women named Lucinda Cramer. He had plenty of kids 1 especially that I know violet whitcomb. Some people were also saying there could be a slim chance of James whitcomb being born in Vermont by what other articles I have been reading on trying to find information on him. He died in camp chase hospital in Ohio. He died in 1864 do i know a month and a day no i do not. I have been trying to also figure out who is parents are and I can’t seem to find any information on them either.