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If there is no obvious place to look for cemetery records, such as an office at the cemetery or a church attached to it, there are other places in a city or a town you can look. In fact, there are several possible municipal sources of older cemetery records. These are the best places to look for them.

Historic Cemeteries: A Closer Look at Cemetery Records #2

If you are researching your ancestors at a historic cemetery, there is a chance there will not be an obvious place you can go to look for cemetery records. A lot of times, those records never existed, or were lost long ago to time. There are still some potential places you can find information, though. You just need to be creative in your searching.

Cemetery Office: A Closer Look at Cemetery Records #1

If you have never explored cemetery records, you could be missing out on a potentially excellent source of genealogical information. These records can actually help you solve a few different types of family mysteries. You can find information here that is not on any vital record. This is what information you will find in most cemetery records.