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Looking for William R Adams (and William Bradley)1850 Kentucky (County unknown) Census, Susan Adams 28, Born KY, with Willliam R Adams, age 19, Farmer, born KY, with William Bradley, age 8. (Assume Susan was married to a Bradley prior to William R Adams)In 1852 son James (Adams) was born in Kentucky, in 1857 sons John and Reuben (Adams) (twins) were born in Indiana.  In 1960 William is not in the census, Susan is shown as head. What happened to William between 1856 and 1860?1860 Census (17 Jul 1860) Susan (Head) living in Union Township Indiana, Hendricks Co, New Elizabeth, with sons James H 8 (1852), John D 3 (1857) and Reuben 3 (1857) Value of Personal Estate $30.1870 Census (22 Jun 1870) Susan (Head) Living in New Elizabeth, Hendricks Co, Indiana with sons, James (18) John (13) and Reuben (13) Boys were Farming, Value of her Estate was $200.1880 Census (9 Jun 1880) Susan living in Union Township, Hendricks, Ind.with son James (28) (Head), wife Eunice (25), Grandson William (8), and son John D 23 (1857)1885 Nebraska State Census (5 Jun 1885) Susan (60) living in Summit Precinct, Burt County, Nebraska with her son James H (33), wife Eunice A (30), Grandson William (12)Note: James\’s wife Eunice died, he remarried Virginia Ormsbee 02 May 18991900 Census (4 Jun 1900) Susan (75) living in Craig Village, Craig Township, Burt County, Nebraska with her son James H (48), Wife Virginia (43), Son Earl R (14) (1885) and Paul(11) (1888)1910 Census (15 Apr 1910) Susan (87) living in Wayne Township, Marion, Indiana, Indianapolis City, with her son Reuben \”Buck\” (53), Wife Alice (52), Grandson Waldo (16).Susan Adams died 21 May 1911Also looking for William Bradley who was 8 years old in 1950 on the Kentucky census. He would have been about 15 when his mother gave birth to John and Reuben in 1857 in Indiana. Did he stay behind in Kentucky or did he move to Indiana?

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