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Full-blood Cherokee Indian child who wandered off; lost in woods before/during a skirmish between the cowboys and Indians, edge of NC/VA. At the time, it was against the law to document any event if there was an Indian in the relationship. The Indians didn’t document anything, so proof I need doesn’t exist, as far as I know; have to go under the rock to figure this one out! The school found him and raised him at the Missionary.

He, Starlin Andress/Blue Duck (b. Abt.1836, on 1848 census, age 12; d. 1832) of the Georgian Cherokee Tribe located somewhat near a Moravian Christian Missionary School (Wachovia, Salem?!?; Sparks-Leaksville?!?); location of school disappeared/disintegrated throughout history. Mission: to work with the Cherokee tribe(s). Starlin supposedly m. daughter (Martha Arnold b. 1794 d. 1844) of one of the missionary instructors (NC; not known – only hints from

Starlin was the father of Martha Ann Andress (b.10/20/1826 NC d. 12/30/1912 Franklin Co., VA) who m. Edward Crook (Michael Crook family; b. 6/9/1826, m. 10/20/1846 d. 12/30/1912)

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