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Emma Louise Blnuy was born in New York in 1890. She married John Pasdik abt 1909. They lived I Wheeling, West Virginia in 1911. They moved to Champaign, Illinois about 1912-1917. John Pasdik/ Pasedike was a candy maker. He imigrated to Lowell, Massachusetts from Sparta, Greece. They moved to Chillicothe, Peoria County, Illinois in 1917 and opened his own Confectionary store named Apollo Confectionary . Emma Louise (Blnuy) died in Dec. 1918. Her death certificate stated her father’s last name was Blnuy and he was born in England. She had one child name Helene Virginia Pasdik b. 1910. Unfortunately, on Helen’s delayed birth certificate…it listed her step mother as her mother. Emma Louise Blnuy Pasdik is buried in the Chillicothe Cemetery next to John Pasdik and Helen Pelalas Pasdik the second wife. 

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