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Martin Buck(Martinus Bock, Bok, or Bock) was born in Penn. in1774. He moved  to Rockingham County, Va in 1797 and married to Anna Maria Schmidt(Smith) at Friedens Church. Their  seven children were baptised in same church between Oct. 17, 1798 to Oct. 2, 1811. The  family moved to Montgomery Cty., Va. in 1820 and lived there until 1829 and could be found in Wayne, Indiana by 1830 and Madison, Indiana in 1840. Martin died 9 June 1854 in Madison,Indiana. All of his children, except Daniel and  died in Indiana. Daniel Buck, who is my gggrandfather died in Montgomery Cty., Va. 16 Dec.1881.I have been unable to find two of their children ( Jacobus B.Oct.17,1798 and Anna Maria(B.May 28,1811). Perhaps they died very young in Va. or they died in Indiana???

If any one might know this family…I would be very grateful for any info.



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