Elani Jane Patzan asked 12 months ago

My mom was married after but before she was adopted and given Cervantes by a man named Tino cervantes. I do know much about who I am or who my mom is and she won’t tell me but I do know I had for sisters from the first set of kids with all girls names starting with an ‘A’ and then my older brother Tino the last one from the bunch. My sisters we are killed but there is no record of them to be found. And I have very little info about my moms real parents I know the woman was under 18 when she had my mom and I want to finally close a case that has split my mom from her family. I want to end this family feud so my mom can finally be at ease knowing what happened to her daughters and the man who raped my mom. I want my mom to die in peace and no anger. Please help me I’ve been searching for 2 years now and I want to know more, I can’t see her cry no more please help me

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