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Neri Conner born 1848 – lived in Noble/Guernsey Co Ohio, possible lived with/related to or had tied to Marks (Spelling ??) Family.    Family story is of indian raid on wagons, all killed except Neri who was a newborn baby & was hid in the oats bin.  He survived the raid & not found.  A family named Conner found him and raised him.  Only other family information is that his original family name was Marks (unsure of the spelling)
He is listed with the Severn W Conner family in the 1850 Guernsey Co Ohio Census at the age of 1.   At age 12 was living with Imlay school teacher in Ohio (Noble Co ?), Lied about his age to joined the military at age 16, married Sarah E Moore in Guthrie Co Iowa in 1869, raised his family in Nuckolls Co Nebraska , buried in Nuckolls Co Ne.  Obituary lists Severn W & Sara Conner as his parents.
He is listed in will of Mason Marks of Noble Co Ohio to receive a sum of money.  Need to make the connection to that family
Also am looking for any other information on the Severn W Conner Family

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