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Our Fagan family ancesters are from County Down, Ireland. Namely John Fagan born in 1816 amd moved to Cumberland, England early in his life. The city he resided in was Carlisle. He met his wife Sarah Stewart there and they had 3 Children. A son was also called John Fagan who married Mabel Armstrong who he met in Carlisle, England. They had 3 children and in 1883 or around there they embarked on the “City of Paris” Ship on a voyage to New York City, stayed there briefly and moved on to the state of ConnettIcate. Mabel died unexpectildly 2 years after arriving in the USA. John moved on with his 3 kids to fall River, Mass. There he met Annie Sheehan and married her and they had several children. One of the children was named Maurice James Fagan and he Married Helen Louisa Albro and they had four children and one of them named Maurice James Fagan Jr. of which he is my father. I am Mitchell Joseph Fagan born May 23, 1955 and resides in Buford, GA. I am in charge of our Geneology for all of our Fagan Families.

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