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Looking for proof/information on the parents of my 2nd great grandfather: Michael Joseph FINNEGAN, b. 26 Sept 1861 in Memphis?, TN – d. 8 March 1932 in Baltimore, MD m. 1889 to Mary Ellen SMITH, b. 22 July 1873, d. 15 Feb 1966 in Baltimore, MD (daughter of Edward Smith and Mary A. Shipley).  Children: Anna Theresa FINNEGAN b. 8 July 1890 in Baltimore, MD. d. 4 July 1979 in Baltimore, MD m. Roy Herman Hug. Edward Joseph FINNEGAN b. 26 February 1893 in Charles Town, Jefferson, WV, d. August 1967 in Baltimore, MD. m. Sarah. Mary M. FINNEGAN b. August 1895 in MD. Ida FINNEGAN b. 12 December 1897 in Baltimore, MD. d. 24 March 1990 m. Manse Francis Deonofrio Genevieve FINNEGAN b. c1901 in MD Agnes C. FINNEGAN, b. c1903 in MD Loretta M. FINNEGAN b. c1904 in NY Margaret R. FINNEGAN b. c1908 in NY Geraldine V. FINNEGAN b. 17 September 1909 in Elmira, NY d. 5 September 2001 Virginia FINNEGAN c. 1911 in NY Dorothy FINNEGAN c. 1913 in NY William J. FINNEGAN c 1913 in NY A cousin of my father\\\’s has William\\\’s parents listed as: James A. FINNEGAN b. in Canada, d. 14 January 1913 m. Anna Louise ATWELL d. 8 September 1922. I have not found William with his parents in ANY census.  I have found him with his aunt in the 1880 Census in Baltimore, MD as follows: Margaret Burke, b. c1841 MD residing in Baltimore, Baltimore City, MD as HOH with:  Ida M (daughter). b. c1865 TN, Emma (Daughter) b. c1872 IL,  Albert (Son) b. c1874 IL, William J. (Nephew) b. 1863 TN occupation: Bookbinder and George (Nephew) b. c1865 IL occupation: Messenger Boy. I have searched TN and IL censuses (before my ancestry expired) for James, Anna, Margaret, Ida, Emma, Albert, William and George to no avail.  I\\\’ve searched MD for James and Anna as that is where the boys are living. I\\\’ve gone under the assumption that William and George are probably brothers.  I\\\’ve searched NY since that is where most of my great-grandmother\\\’s siblings were born to see if the grandparents were there at any time.  I\\\’ve found William Joseph and his wife Mary Ellen on multiple censuses in NY and going on my personal knowledge growing up knowing my great grandmother and some of my great aunts and uncles matched them to censuses records so going forwards is not an issue. I don\\\’t have access to obituaries or newspapers that are not readily available.  I\\\’m assuming that James and Anna died between the birth of George in IL and the boys appearing in MD with their aunt Margaret in MD. I have found a marriage record for: James P. FINNEGAN and Anna M. B. ATWELL in Shelby, TN on 5 June 1861 and have tentatively accepted that this MIGHT be my James and Anna, if they are truly the correct names for William\\\’s parents. By searching marriage/birth/death records for William and Mary I found the birth record for their son Edward in WV. There is a marriage record(s) for a child(ren) of William and Mary in NY – but b/c I don\\\’t have the $ to renew my ancestry I can\\\’t view it. Again, my main goal is to verify the parents of William Joseph FINNEGAN.    Thank you, Natalie

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