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Cindy Shields asked 2 weeks ago

I am looking for my great grandfather, George John Folhart.  Born October 8, 1904 in Philadelphia, PA.  He was sent to a reformatory in Huntingdon, PA about 1924.  He went into the army and was sent to Carlisle, PA barracks.  He met and married my great grandmother Lillian Sollenberger from Carlisle.  The married in 1927 and I found a census where they were in Steelton, PA in 1930 and my grandmother (who at this date is still alive), Olive Folhart still wonders what happened to him.  She does not remember exactly when he left but she is thinking in 1930 or 1931.  The census shows George’s brother Joseph lived with them and gram has a picture of him holding her.  Following family west to Western PA and Ohio, they lost touch.  Joseph put an ad in the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1945 looking for his sister, Teressa Wagner and father, William. In 1962 Joseph died in Beaver County, PA and is buried in Beaver Falls, PA.  In his obit it lists a brother George Folhart or Lititz, PA.  That is where I stand.   Have found 12-15 different variations of that last name due to the German dialects.  I know my grandmother says that when they came over from Germany the last name originally was spelled Fillhart.  
George’s dad is William M. Folhart born Sep 1867 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.  He died in Sep 1947 Ohio, USA.  William M.’s father is William Folhart born in 1834 Germany.  Died in Philadelphia.  Teressa his wife was born in 1846/1847 in Germany.  

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