Brenda Phillipo Anderson asked 7 months ago

My great grandmother Emma Guemond whom I knew. Her father Napoleon Guemond I found some records on but nothing after that. I’ve given up because I find it near impossible with all the different spellings that I’ve seen used with this last name. I’ve given up and haven’t looked further than some websites for Canada but not France it is a lot of work. Napoleon was born in Canada 1873. Emma was born in 1905 in Massachusetts. Some other trees on suggest his father is Napoleon as well but I can’t confirm it. The other spellings I seen used with these 2 grandparents names are…Guimond, Guimont, and Guemont. Not sure if you could maybe confirm a correct spelling or a guide in the right direction. And I am sorry if this isn’t the correct thing to be asking on this part of your website. I thank you so much in advance.

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