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I am requesting criminal records for 2 different women who may be my mother. One of them are, but I am not sure which one is.
Both were sentenced to serve time in Huntsville, TX latter part of 1950’s  – early part of 1962’s.
Bessie Lucille Gordy Griffin, Amarillo, TX 12/12/1934 – served time in Huntsville from June 1962 – October/November 1963 for breaking probation on a forged check in Amarillo, TX and fleeing the state with my biological father, Philip Anthony Contino. Both women were running with this man – so it’s possible and very high that one of them IS my mother
Bessie’s date of offense is 7/13/62 – custodial agency is Dept of Criminal Justice, Huntsville, TX. ID#167855 was received from Randall County Sheriff’s Office. Another offense dated 1/4/1973, custodial agency is Dept of Criminal Justice, Huntsville, TX. ID#232402
Joan Holderman, birth date: 9/22/1934, Muleshoe, TX – lived in Clovis, NM area; also was in Amarillo, TX 1950’s – 1960 (early part).
Had criminal records for forgery; heroin usage; prostitution; vagrancy, etc. was sentenced to prison for 5 years in Amarillo, TX around 1958 – 1960.
REF #153983279, ID Case #449026; REF#153983280, ID#449026; REF #153983281, ID#449026 and REF #153983282, ID#449026. (these are her record doc numbers I found online associated with her name).
Died 12/13/2004 – buried in Morton Memorial Cemetery, Cochran County
She also used the names, Contino and alias, Hatfield.
One of these ladies may be my mother as she was running with my father in the Amarillo, TX area in the 50’s-60’s. I am trying to find anything that will assist me in my search of learning the truth.

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