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Hello everyone. I am looking for some input. I have a brick wall with mixed information that I am trying to get past. My great great great Grandfather Daniel Mitchell was born in Ireland and Immigrated over to the US. Here is the mixed information. I found in an old book that they came over in 1850, However some census record say as late as 1854. I have not been able to find any ship logs for this though. His grave stone says he was born in 1800 however some census record indicates as late as 1814. From another family tree hint from it was said he was from Kings County but I do not know how this information was attained and I cannot duplicate it therefore I cannot confirm this. He died on 22 Feb 1890 and is buried in the St Bridget Cemetery in Marshall county, Kansas. He came over with his wife Mary Corcoran and his first son John and in some instances it is said they also had a son names James with them. They had a son born in New York based on census records, another child in Missouri and they eventually settled in Nemeha County Kansas. I cannot seem to find any information on him or his family before they arrived in America. I have searched Multiple Irish Genealogy sites, some church records, ship logs and I cannot seem to find out where they existed before they came to the US or any names of him or Mary’s parents. Does anyone have this person in their family tree or any input on how I can get passed this Brick wall? Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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