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My grandmother’s maiden name was Pearl Witkowska and my grandfather’s was Stanely Henry Ogiba who worked as a mechanic for a man named Kent Chase in Cambridge MA, USA but there is no US birth record for either of my grand parents that I can find and I know they came here sometime before or during world war II from Warsaw poland, but I can find no records of them in Poland either and as far as I am aware my grandfather had two different drivers licenses. And I was told he was either born in Utica, or something mills, new york or arrived in another town in new york via boat. He also Wentworth institute/university.
My grandfather was very secretive about our family history and would get very upset when asked and refused to discuss his birth, his family, or even if he was born in the US or came over here and as far as I’m aware he was born in 1915. My grandmother was born in 1914 and died in 1970. My grandfather died oct.10 2007 as far as I’m aware.
My grandfather did have a brother Henry Hubichek (though I’m not certain of the spelling.) and he had an older sister by 15 years named Karolina Ogiba and a sister named Mary Bourassa (again not sure of the spelling).
Tracing our family’s last name and our genealogy has been very difficult as there has been so little information and he and his siblings did not wish to ever discuss the past or our origins and would get quite upset if asked.
I so desire to know more about my family but it feels like it stops with my grandparents and it feels like we have so much lost information that we don’t even know if our last name truly is polish.

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