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William Edward Purcell was born in Ireland circa 1813, he ventured to the South Sea Islands where he settled in Samoa and married Salaevalu Si’ilatamai. They had 13 children: Thomas, Simi Samuel, Etuina, George, Robert, William, Losa (my great grandmother from my father’s side), Mafa, Laina and others.
William “Ned” Purcell died in 1878 and buried in Samoa. “Ned” Purcell came over from Ireland with a brother in the 1800’s. His brother remained in the United States, East Coast, where it is believed he became Harbor Master in Boston.
It is believed that “Ned” may have been part of the London Missionary Society mission in Samoa. Another oral history passed down is that his grandfather was a member of the ship Captain Bligh’s “Bounty” but was not one of the mutineers.

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