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John Schmitt was born 11 November 1834 Bavaria.  The date comes from his head stone at St. Mary’s Ccemetery, Huntley, McHenry county, IL.[i]  The first document that I have that pinpoints John Schmitt in the U.S. is his marriage recorded at St. Mary’s Parish in Buffalo Grove, Lake County, Illinois.[ii] Sept 18, 1865 to Anna Mary Dumerauf.  The surname Dumerauf has been found with various spellings: Damerauf, Damlaau, , Damlaauf, Daunedauf, Daunerauf, or Domroff, Drmruff, Drumruff, Dumerauf, Dumruff, Dumerauf, Dummerauf, Dumrauf, Dummrauf, Dummrauff ,Dumroof. Dumrouff, Dumruff, Dumruff, Tomroff
On August 17, 1866 their son, Joseph Schmitt is Baptist at St. Mary (Buffalo Grove, Illinois) in 1866.[iii] This is the first reference that I have that John’s names is spelled Johann and he is from Bavaria and his wife is also from Bavaria . Then I have the 1870[iv] census of John Smith (spelling) living in Huntley, McHenry Co., Illinois with his wife Mary, and their three sons, Joseph, Adam, and Andrew along with a sister-in-law Annie Tomrouff (Dumerauf). The census tells me that John is born in Bavaria.  Joseph’s death certificate, second son of John Schmitt, states that he was born in Buffalo Grove, Ill.[v]
[i] St. Mary’s Cemetery Huntley, IL map drawn by Bobbi of St Charles, IL. Raven_Fan showing how the Schmitt plots are layout along with  St. Mary’s Cemetery index along a map of the cemetery.
Photos of John Schmitt, Anna Mary Dumerauf Schmitt and Joseph Schmitt headstone . – My mother, Evelyn Trissell, took this photo.
Photos of Joseph & Ellen Malone Schmitt headstone
[ii] Marriage record at St. Mary’s Parish, Buffalo Grove, Lake Co., IL image 3
[iii] Joseph Schmitt’s Baptism Record,,40151702          image 19
[iv] 1870 federal census Grafton twp., McHenry county, Illinois, John Smith                                   This is a paid site
[v] Joseph Schmitt death certificate, 25 February 1936 Grafton, McHenry Co., IL

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