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My Grandfather, Conrad Timchuk, was born in what is now Ukraine in 1890. He emigrated with my grandmother in 1913. I don’t know what town they were from in Ukraine or what ship or port they came to the US in.
My grandmother’s name was Katherine A (I believe Anne) Doblish/Doblies.
Katherine had first been married to Conrad’s brother at age 16. This brother’s name is unknown. He died. She had one daughter with this un-named brother who was named Marie/Maria. Maria was left in Russia and never joined her mother in the US.

Katherine then married Conrad and they had 3 sons (Andrew, William, John) and 1 daughter (Helen who was my mother – she later changed her name to Patricia DePowell  – no one knows why)

The family is listed in 1930, and 1940 census in Roseville, Michigan.
Years ago around 1975 when I first began my research I wrote to Michigan and did receive a copy of the 1920 Michigan Census where the family name was spelled Temczu. Only my grandparents and Uncle Andrew were listed. Andrew was born in 1919. Sadly, my copy of that record was destroyed and I have not been able to locate it since then.

A picture of my grandfather used to hang in my grandmother’s house. He is wearing a uniform and a helmet with a spike. No one has any more information about this picture.


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