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Over the years I have concentrated on documenting data on Tudor, Tuders, Tedders, Tettertons, Tetters, etc., and have voluminous files by state and county that I have put on the Tedder, Tudor, Tetterton Family Genealogy Forums that you can check.  As I am 81 years old now, and I need to preserve the years of work that I and others have put into gathering this info. My info covers North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Barbados, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, Massachusetts, and Alabama.

I contacted the LDS church and found that I can donate the work to them.  However, I would like to keep the work under the heading ‘Works of Robert Woodrow Tedder.”

Any help or recommendations that you can give me.

Robert Tedder




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Natalie Harl answered 5 years ago

Please donate so they can scan into a searchable site for all to use.  They will site it all from you and your research.   I have been searching for my family line and hope that some of your research can help me in my search.    Thank you so much for all your hard work as a detective as it is not easy to find this information all the time.      Natalie Harl. (John Evans Tudor is my 5th Grest Grandfather)

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