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First found in Portland, Main in the early 1700s.  Noted to be from England.  John Tukey had 17 offspring. Dorcas Tukey married Philip Fowler:  she was the youngest of the 17 children. Are any of you descended from John Tukey?

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Judith Arnold answered 5 years ago

I’m descended from Dorcas Tukey and Philp Fowler via  their son, Stephen Tukey Fowler and Susan Frates. Stephen got into the import business, and their son Charles Fowler, who married Frances Ann Smith, daughter of one of Boston.s earliest funeral busnesses. Stephen had relocated the business, finally, in Brooklyn.  Charles was a fruit broker, and his son, my great-grandfather Harry Smith Fowler and his brother Frederick Paddock joined him in the company of Paddock and Fowler.   John Tukey who married Abigail Sweetser  and had Dorcas Tukey is the son of John Tukey married Sarah Woodward.  John Tukey, Sr. is the immigrant from England.  I\\\’m not sure what the father & son had as occpations. If you are a cousin, let\\\’s compere notes.  

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