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I had a 2nd Great Grandmother – who’s name was  – Margaret Walsdorf  1855 – 1921 – she arrived in America in Michigan 1881  age 26

Her husband was Peter Carpenter and they had several children.

When she married in 1883 Port Austin Michigan – the church register wrote her name was MARGARET WALLSTAFF and the Huron County register listed her name was – Wahtstoroff –  and later on a son’s marriage it’s listed as  Margaret Westriff
My QUESTION? is I cannot find her on a New York Passenger list in 1881?????????????  I find other women with similar names – age – years of arrival  such as  Eliz. Waldorf – but cross referencing passengers on that ship with same last names as people in Huron County census – don’t match up with this Eliz. Waldorf’s or people traveling with her to later people living in locations in Michigan where she lived. So this doesn’t appear to be her.

How do I pin *point or FIND my  Margaret Walsdorf and was her names mispelled in New York which is causing me to type in WRONG spellings????

THANKS for any TIME or HELP you can spare.

Sincerely & MOST GRATEFUL for any HELP.

Doug Mills



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