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Been trying to find my Polish ancestors for over 14 years and I have not been successful. On their manifest it shows the last name being Zalewski from Russia, however they were polish but at that time they were considered a Russian because of the many changes of Poland throughout the years. My great-grandfather came to New York in 1903 and settled in Brooklyn New York. His name was Stanislaus, or Stanislaw and my great grandmother’s name was Jadwiga(which had very many variations for her name) for a example Hedwig, and Harriet be an American version of that I suppose. They lived in King County New York and he was approximately 30 years old when he arrives in this country. She arrive in 1907 and my mother never had any information on then so I really need some help please. I wanted to have this accomplished before my mothers death, but unfortunately that never happened. If anyone out there has any information for me please don’t hesitate to e- mail me. I belong to, newspaper and another website that I’m not sure of at the moment. Thank you for your help and interest.

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