English Settlers in Barbados, 1637-1800 International Records

Settled by the British in 1627, Barbados was home to many inhabitants who later relocated to mainland America, settling in Virginia, Georgia, the Carolinas, and other colonies. In fact, throughout most of the 17th and 18th centuries, there was a continuous flow of settlers from Barbados to virtually every point along the Atlantic seaboard. As a result, many families can trace their origins in the New World first to Barbados.

Barbados’s surviving parish registers were copied during the mid-19th century and are now housed in the Barbados Department of Archives. The information compiled and presented in these volumes was taken from those registers. The information available varies by record type, and a great deal of instructive material can be found in the Foreword or Preface to each volume. Approximately 200,000 individuals are referenced in these baptism, marriage, and probate source records.

Books Included: