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A Closer Look at Newspaper Records #2

Old newspapers are wonderful genealogical resources that should be part of every genealogist’s toolbox. They are much more user-friendly these days than they used to be. This is what you need to know about how these records used to be searched, how they are searched today, and where you can go to find them.

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The Pumpkin Pie

Have you ever wondered who invented pumpkin pie? It wasn't just one person. The story of pumpkin...

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Historical Postcard Giveaway

I love collecting postcards from around the world. It’s been a hobby of mine for many years, and I’ve acquired several doubles throughout my adventures. So, I’m giving postcards away for free each week!

Winners will be drawn at random and announced here. If you love history and enjoy learning about historical locations, be sure to sign up for this special offer.