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How Popular is Genealogy?

How popular is genealogy? It is something that is portrayed in the media as being more popular than ever. However, is this really true? Here is a look at how popular genealogy really is and why it doesn't matter if only a few people are doing it in each generation.

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American Folklore

American Folklore: Idaho

Idaho has some interesting folklore stories going back centuries, and even thousands of years. From nearly every body of water in the state being haunted or having a monster to mysterious creatures, to the question of Idaho’s actual existence, here are some of the highlights of Idaho folklore.

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Genealogy Helps #9

Download Researching ancestry is an exciting and fun pastime which many people are taking up thanks to the easy accessibility of records through the internet and other forms of research. Genealogy Helps, Volume 9, is an amazing resource which will help you to find records in some amazing and...

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