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The State Capitals: Tennessee

Nashville is the capital city of the state of Tennessee. It has a long history of habitation by humans, going millennia back into prehistory. The Europeans came much later, but they turned Nashville...

The State Capitals: South Dakota

Pierre is the capital of the state of South Dakota. It started as a fur trading post, and gradually became a city as the western territories were opened up to American settlement. It is one of the...

A Look at the 1860 US Federal Census

The 1860 US federal census is the last one taken before the Civil War. It is slightly more descriptive than previous censuses, but not as descriptive as post-Civil War ones. Here are some of the...

The Rise of Iconic U.S. Lighthouses

Lighthouses are an iconic part of Americana that have a rich history stemming back to ancient Egypt. Let me show you some of the history behind them!

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