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Tips for Doing Middle Name Research

Middle names are important genealogical research tools. They can tell you about the political beliefs, personal values, friendships, business connections, and even earlier generations of the family that bestowed them. Here is a guide to using middle names to further your own genealogical research in the best way.

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German Christmas Traditions

If you are of German descent, there are probably some unique holiday traditions your family practices, especially if that German ancestry in your family is recent. You may have some relatives still with you who actually came from Germany, in which case many of these traditions will be familiar. If...

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American Folklore

American Folklore: Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands have been inhabited by humans at least since the 300 AD’s, and possibly before. During that time, there has been plenty of time for ancient and modern folklore associated with Hawaii to be born. Here are some of the highlights of the folklore of Hawaii.

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