Genuine Irish St. Patrick’s Day Traditions

St. Patrick’s Day is an important Irish holiday, and has been for centuries. It is celebrated a little differently in Ireland than in the rest of the world. Here are some common Irish St. Patrick’s Day traditions. You can use them to understand your Irish ancestors and their lives better, as well as to celebrate your own Irish heritage.

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American Folklore

American Folklore

American Folklore: Maryland

Maryland has its fair share of intriguing folklore. From legends brought over by German immigrants to haunted bridges, creepy lighthouses, and a bizarre legend associated with local author Edgar Allen Poe, this state, which was one of the original 13 colonies, is brimming with folklore. Here are...

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A Genealogical Mystery

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Genealogy Helps #6

Genealogy Helps, Volume 6, provides another dose of great ideas, interesting documents to research and the usual mix of ‘thinking outside of the box’ when it comes to looking into your genealogy or family tree.

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