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Thomas McKean: The Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Thomas McKean was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. The son of Irish immigrants to the colonies, he studied law and divided his personal and professional lives between Delaware and Pennsylvania. He was an outspoken advocate for independence. This is his story.

Death Record Alternatives: A Closer Look at Death Records #4

If you looked everywhere you knew to look, and still couldn’t find a death record for your ancestor, you should be hopeful. There are several worthy alternatives for death records that you might not have considered. These are the most common of those alternatives, along with where you can find them, and what information may be on them.

Death Indexes: A Closer Look at Death Records #3

If you are not able to locate a death certificate or an obituary for an ancestor, you may be able to find a date of death for them (as well as some other information) in a death index. There are three primary types of death indexes used in the United States. This is what you need to know about them.

Obituaries: A Closer Look at Death Records #2

In instances where you can’t find a death certificate for a particular ancestor, there are other options to get the information you need. One of these options, that is a truly excellent one, is in obituaries in old newspapers. These can sometimes give you just as much, if not more, information than a death certificate. While each obituary is different, this article lets you know some of the most...

How to Do Irish Genealogy Research Without Crossing the Atlantic

Irish genealogy research is very popular in the United States because so many of us have Irish ancestry. Here are some fantastic online resources for Irish genealogy to allow you to research your ancestors like a pro without having to actually go to Ireland.