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How to Use Foreign Language Genealogy Sources

Are you researching foreign-speaking ancestors? Whether they lived in America or you are researching them in their homeland, you may come across foreign language documents that you need assistance in...

Tracing Your Pioneer Ancestors

Do you have pioneer ancestry? What is pioneer ancestry, anyway, since most explorers can be referred to as pioneers? Here is what is unique about American pioneer ancestry, and how you can find your...

The Meaning of Your Scandinavian Surname

If you have a Scandinavian surname or have one or more of them in your family tree, you will be interested in knowing the history of these surnames, as they tell an interesting part of the story of...

The Origin and Meaning of Your Dutch Surname

Do you have Dutch surnames in your family tree, or is your own surname of Dutch origin? Knowing the meaning and origin of Dutch surnames can tell you more about your ancestors than you may imagine...

Did Your Ancestors Go Back to England?

Did your ancestors immigrate to America from England? Did they stay? Sometimes, people who disappear from the record in America actually returned to England.

Who Are the Black Dutch?

Were you told you have Black Dutch ancestry, but don't know what it means? It means a lot of different things. Here is what you need to know about these people.

How Did They End Up There?

Have you ever considered why your ancestors lived where they did? People have been moving throughout human history, but there has usually been a reason. Learning the reason will reveal a lot of new...

They Changed Our Name at Ellis Island

Did the workers at Ellis Island change your ancestor's name? It's an American myth. Truth is, they almost certainly did not, and here are the reasons why.