Maryland and Delaware, 1600s-1800s Church Records

Together, these book texts reference approximately 263,000 individuals. The records were primarily gathered from Maryland and Delaware churches and include birth, baptism, marriage, and burial records. You’ll also find information taken from family histories, miscellaneous articles, abstracts from meeting minutes, monthly meeting registers, court records, and land records.

For each person, you will learn information about an event in their life, such as a baptism, marriage, or death. The information available will vary depending on the type of record. In marriage records, for example, you will find the marriage date as well as the name of the bride and the groom. These records may also list the parents, place of residence, and/or witnesses of any or all people noted. Death records, on the other hand, can provide the name of the deceased and the date. Since this data set contains many different kinds of records, you may be able to find a great variety of information about an ancestor.