The Irish Flax Grower’s List, 1796

In 1796, the Irish Linen Board published a list of nearly 60,000 individuals who received awards for planting between one and five acres of flax. Individuals who planted one acre were awarded four spinning-wheels, and those growing five acres were awarded a loom. The “Flax Grower’s List,” is an extremely useful genealogical record since virtually no Irish census of the nineteenth century has survived.

With the information listed, you may be able to compensate for the lack of genealogical records available for Ireland at this time. Land records are unique because they allow you to obtain an idea of your family’s migration pattern and help you determine local resources to research for more information. If you are one of the nearly 70 million individuals worldwide with Irish heritage, the Flax Grower’s List is an important resource.

Counties Covered:
Antrim – Galway – Meath – Armagh – Kerry – Monaghan – Carlow – Kildare – Offaly – Cavan – Kilkenny – Roscommon – Clare – Laois – Sligo – Cork – Leitrim – Tipperary – Derry – Limerick – Tyrone – Donegal – Longford – Waterford – Down – Louth – Westmeath – Dublin – Mayo – Wexford – Fermanagh