Colonial Family Histories #1, 1607-1920

This book set contains images of the pages from the all seven volumes of Colonial Families of the United States of America.

Compiled over thirteen years, Colonial Families of the United States of America includes only those families who trace their ancestry back to the Colonial Period (1607-1775). Ranging from three to twenty scanned pages, each family history article gives the British or European pedigree of the colonial ancestor, followed by a listing of his descendants up to the time of the article’s writing. Depending on the original article, what you can learn about each listed individual varies.

For the most part, however, you can learn an ancestor’s birth date, marriage date, occupation, and death date. You may also be able to determine the family’s migration pattern and view their coat of arms. Information for the family history articles collected in this data set was taken from a variety of sources including genealogies, family histories, vital records, cemetery inscriptions, marriage records, and birth and death lists from various parts of colonial America. These seven volumes were provided by the Genealogical Publishing Company of Baltimore, Maryland.