Early Settlers of New York State, 1760-1942

This resource is from the following two volume set: Early Settlers of New York State

— Their Ancestors and Descendants, Volumes I and II. These books are comprised of articles that originally appeared in the periodical Early Settlers of New York State

— Their Ancestors and Descendants. Edited by New York genealogist Janet Foley, its purpose was to collect, publish, and preserve church records, tombstone inscriptions, and family records, first from western New York, then from all of New York State. Referencing over 97,000 people who lived between 1760 and 1942, this collection provides little-known but first-rate source material that is essential to any researcher whose family research involves early New York State.

What you can learn about each listed individual varies, depending on the original article. However, in this collection, you will find family genealogies, obituaries, Bible records, cemetery records, marriage records, church records, and death records. These records may provide you with information such as the dates and locations of important family events, as well as the names of the participants, witnesses, or other family members.