Virginia Family Histories #2, 1600s-1800s

Although an especially valuable resource for tracing your family tree, family histories such as these are often difficult to locate since they are usually not published for wide distribution. Family history is a written account of a family’s immediate and extended relationships. Often, a family history begins with an explanation of how a family’s surname was derived. Then, beginning with the oldest known ancestor, family lines are traced up to the time of publication. Along with biographical information on each family member, this often includes illustrations or photographs of individuals or places significant to the family.

Additional Resources:
The five volume set entitled Genealogies of Virginia Families consists of family history articles originally published in The William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine between 1892 and 1942. The family history articles included in Virginia Gleaning in England were first published in The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography between 1903 and 1926.