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Martinus Bock was born in Pennsylvania in 1774 according to his son Daniel Buck in the 1880 National Census. Martinus Bock became Martin Buck when he came to Rockingham County, Va. to be Married to Anna Maria Schmidt in 1797. Martinus Bock became to be Martin Buck soon after he married Anna Marie Schmidt which was part of his desire to fit into the American way.
Rockingham County was the great distributor of the German immigrants that had poured out of Pennsylvania and settled into Rockinham County. Many German immigrants had already settled in land in the West….. and wrote back to those in Rockingham County to lift their hopes and dreams. Martin is my ggggrandfather and I have struggled to find out who his parents were that landed in Pennsylvania, having landed in early 18th Century in England as the Queen chose to provide ships to take these desperate 30,000+/- people to Philadelphia. I hope this information about Martin will help me discover who his father and mother were, and where they lived in Pennsylvania. Martin Buck’s first son was named Jacobus Buck. My guess is that his father was named Jacobus Bock and Martin honored his Father by naming his first son after him. I have searched for Martin’s father for many years but with no luck. He moved West to Montgomery County, Va. with his family and later moved with all family except Daniel Buck who married a local girl and remained in Montgomery County, Va. Martin and family located in Wayne County and later in Monroe Township, Madison County, Indiana. He and Mary lived well until 1853 when she passed and Martin died in  1854. I hope this narrative supported my request to locate Martin Bock/Buck in Pennsylvania.  Sincerely yours, Vg Buck

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