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Catherine F. Lawson born abt 1843 in AL., died abt 1880-1900. Married to Thomas Norton abt 1868 in Hale county AL. Had 3 daughter’s, Eliza, Laura, Althea. Catherine’s parents possibly born in Georgia. Catherine supposedly is Indian don’t know what tribe. Family story is Catherine & 3 girls had to go to Oklahoma from AL in the Indian removal & Thomas traveled there to bring them back home to AL. Family say there used to be papers about the Indian heritage but over the years has gotten lost. She supposedly died when the youngest daughter Althea was a small child and Catherine’s brother finished raising Althea. So Thomas her husband must have died before his wife Catherine. Thomas may have been born in NC or SC abt 1827, he was much older than Catherine and probably had another family or maybe not his real name nor her name is her real birth name. This is a very difficult family to track down. They all lived in AL.

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