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Johann Laurentius Ruppert was born on 7 August 1795 in Oberwerrn, Bavaria, Germany, the son of Barbara (Kellerin) and Johann Anselm Ruppert. He arrived in Pusheta Township, Ohio around 1833. He filed his Declaration of Intent (First Papers) on 28 April 1834, so I assume he immigrated around 1832. I believe he travelled with his mother (Barbara) and sister (Catharine). He may have also travelled with Andreas Voll (Catharine’s husband).

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Hello, Mr. Ruppert!

We may be researching branches of the same tree. I am looking for a possible connection between Gottfried Ruppert, (1833 Bavaria-1909 Butler County, OH), and the family of the famous Jacob Ruppert Jr., New York congressman, beer baron, Yankees owner, etc.

Jacob Ruppert, Sr.’s father, Franz Ruppert, was born in Bavaria. I don’t know what town. Some sources have either his mother or grandmother listed as Anna Maria Kellerin. Maybe she is related to the Barbara Kellerin you mentioned?

The family story I am trying to prove or disprove is that when Franz Ruppert came to New York and started his brewery, a brother of his worked in the same business. They quarrelled, and the brother went west to Ohio, where he set up his own tavern. I don’t know how much of that story is true or which Rupperts were involved.

I’d be interested in collaborating if you think it would be helpful.

Greg Ruppert answered 1 year ago

Thanks for the response and sorry for the delay in responding.  I have done a bit of research early on and cannot find any connection with my family to those of Jacob Ruppert, although the rumor is that all of the German Rupperts are related (I just cant find the link).  Here is a great link to give you some more information on your line (parents, granparents of Jacob) starting on page 12.

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