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Be Organized in Your Genealogy Research | Genealogy Clips #4

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Your genealogy work will only be reliable to future generations (and publishers) if you keep good records of your work as you go. Don’t just treat your work haphazardly like a hobby, even if that is what it is. Even as a hobby, you want your work to be taken seriously. Being organized means you will know what work you have done, what work you still need to do, what sources you have used, and their origin and reliability.

Having this information is good not only for giving credibility to your work but for keeping you on track. Once you have researched several lines (and branches of those lines), you may forget what you have learned, and what the sources you used said. If your work brings you back to those lines, you will have all the information you need at your fingertips to pick it right back up again without repeating any research work.

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