Category - American History

The American Orphan Trains

What were the Orphan Trains and what did they do for children? It's an intriguing story. It's considered the precursor to modern foster care in America.

The Real Story of Calamity Jane

You've probably heard of Calamity Jane. But how much of her real life story do you know? While much of her life is still speculation, what we do know is wild.

Morse Code and the Telegraph

Today's modern telecommunications have origins reaching back almost 200 years. We can than the telegraph and Morse code. Here's the story of their invention.

Women in the Civil War

Did you know women played a large and important roles in the Civil War? They did. And it wasn't just by keeping the home fires burning. They were real soldiers.

History of the US Passport Application

The history of passports in the United States is an interesting one, and one that may assist with your genealogical research. Here's what you need to know.

A History of Plymouth Rock

Do you know where the rock in the Plymouth Rock monument originates? Is it really the place Pilgrims first set foot in America? Here's the real story.

The History of the Confederate Flag

Are you interested in the Confederate flag, for genealogical or historical reasons? Here is the real history of the flag and how it came to be.

The Surprise Missouri Earthquake of 1811

The Missouri area experienced a devastating earthquake in 1811. Here's what effect the earthquake had on the area, and why there was even a large earthquake there in the first place.

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

We all have to admit it that when we’re doing genealogy research to learn about our families’ histories, we secretly hope to find someone famous in our family trees. Or maybe not so...

The Orphan Train Movement

Throughout the entire history of America, federal, local, and state governments have regularly undertaken programs to promote the welfare and betterment of their citizens, and the largest city in the...

How Did Air Force One Get Its Name?

In 1953 a near mid-air collision took place over New York City… Additional Information: From FDR’s prop-driven Pan Am to the glimmering blue and white jumbo 747 on which George W. Bush...