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How to Read Old Handwriting: A Primer

Learning how to read old fashioned handwriting is a craft, and one you need to know when working with ancient documents in genealogy. Here are some of the basics of how to read old handwriting.

3 Genealogy Blunders to Avoid

Make sure your genealogy research is the best it can be. Learn the most common genealogy blunders and how to avoid them, so your research can rise high.

Give Your Genealogy an Annual Checkup

Have you ever considered performing an annual checkup on your genealogy? It is something every serious genealogist should do. Put it on your calendar each year to make sure your work is as strong as...

Tips for Deciphering Illegible Ancient Documents

Are you experiencing frustration at not being able to read the handwriting on an ancient document? Does it seem illegible to you? It might not be. You can still unlock its secrets and improve your...

What is a GEDCOM?

What is a GEDCOM? It is an important word you will come across a lot in online genealogy. If you aren't familiar with GEDCOMs, now is the ideal time to learn.