Kentucky Land Records, 1774-1924

Land records are important in genealogy research because they place an individual in a specific location at a specific time. They are especially important when researching ancestors who lived prior to the Civil War since most free adult white males owned land at that time.

Listings Can Include:

    • Number of acres held
    • Record entry date
    • Landholder’s residence
    • Nearest watercourse to the landholding
    • Information on military service (for those individuals who were granted land based upon their service in the Revolutionary or French and Indian Wars)

The Kentucky Land Grants:
A Systematic Index to All of the Land Grants Recorded in the State Land Office at Frankfort, Kentucky, 1782-1924 Usually the first book used by anyone researching Kentucky ancestors, this standard two-volume reference work contains abstracts of approximately 150,000 Kentucky land grants. Arranged alphabetically according to the type of grant, it provides the full name of the grantee, number of acres, date of survey, name of county, watercourse, and the volume and page number of the original entry.

Early Kentucky Landholders, 1787-1811
This volume lists 17,000 landholders, individuals who claimed land but did not necessarily occupy land, whose names appeared in the annual tax lists for Lincoln County, Kentucky, between 1787 and 1811. Information includes the date of the tax list, the number of the tax book, the page number of the original entry, the amount of acreage, the nearest watercourse, and the name of the prior assignee.

A Calendar of the Warrants for Land in Kentucky, Granted for Service in the French and Indian War
This is a complete list of the land surveys made in Kentucky, at the time still a part of the Virginia Colony, on behalf of men who fought in the French and Indian War. Each entry gives the name of the soldier, his rank, acreage, date of the survey, and various notes by the surveyor indicating where the land was situated and, when available, to whom it was subsequently assigned.

Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds:
A Complete Index to All of the Earliest Land Entries, Military Warrants, Deeds and Wills of the Commonwealth of Kentucky For a grantee listed in this index, you can learn the number of acres granted, dates, locations, and references to the pages in the original records (held in the Land Office at Frankfort, Kentucky). The 45,000+ entries are concentrated in Fayette, Lincoln, and Jefferson Counties. The volume also includes information on military warrants (1782-1793), Court of Appeals deeds-grantees (1783-1846), grantors (1783-1846), wills (1769-1850), and attorneys (1781-1853).