Must-Have Genealogy Books for Your Personal Library

Must-Have Genealogy Books for Your Personal Library #5

This book is a wonderful one for becoming a more confident, independent genealogist. It is like having your own personal genealogy instructor with you, guiding you every step of the way until you are skilled at working on your own. This is what you will find in this book, and why you need it.

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A great book for your personal genealogy library is Practical Genealogy: 50 Simple Steps to Research Your Diverse Family History. This book by Brian Sheffey, published in 2020, is a terrific, comprehensive how-to research guide for everyone from the beginning genealogist to the seasoned pro. Wherever you are in your personal genealogy journey, you are sure to find some useful tips and tricks to move you farther along those many tree branches in this incredibly smart and insightful book. Whether you’re stuck at a brick wall in your research, or just need some tips on making your genealogy come more to life, you will find it here.

Most people get into genealogy for one of several reasons. The most common reasons are preserving the family’s past for future generations, finding a larger picture of your family in the context of history, documenting a lineage to join a lineage society, or for storytelling. With many genealogists, the reason for getting involved in the pursuit is a mixture of all or some of these reasons. This book gives you a solid method for looking into your family history by giving you a genuine understanding of genealogy, including the factors, obstacles, and tasks that can be involved in the pursuit. This information is presented with a simple goal in mind… to assist you in finding the information you need to put together your own unique, personal heritage.

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The book provides you with fifty… yes, fifty… practical steps that will assist you in filling in the puzzle of your family tree. You will be instructed by an expert on how to conduct your own genealogical investigations. This instruction is given through examples of real-world obstacles you might face in your research, such as tracing a person’s genealogy through the blockades of adoptions and orphanage records. This is just one of the many types of examples of conducting challenging research given in the book.

The book simplifies the methods of complex research for you and breaks it down into actionable tips and steps that you can use now, and in the future, over the course of your genealogical projects and pursuits. You won’t even need to take a DNA test to get great and accurate genealogy research results from the tips given to you in this book.

This book is a true treasure trove of genealogical instruction. Some of the things you will find inside of it include:

  • Breaking through genealogical barriers. You will learn the methods of navigating around common brick wall issues, such as missing records for one or more generations of the same family line, and several different names or spellings of names being found for the same person.
  • Case studies. This book is full of useful examples of actual genealogy research that you can use to support and guide your own.
  • Easy learning. The book has large fonts and images that are easy to read, which makes learning from this book a snap for older people who are new to the world of genealogy.

This book allows you to confidently take your genealogy research into your own hands, which opens up a world of limitless discoveries to you.



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