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My great grandmother was Anna Maria Ottilie Henschke who was born on December 1, 1875, to Wilhelmina Grunberg, age 21, and Gustav Adolf Henschke, age 24 in Marienthal, Kreis Greifenhagen, Pommern Prussia. I don’t know much about the area in what is now modern day Poland. I also have not gone back further than Ana Maria’s parents and would like to know more of my ancestors.

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Simon Kleinert answered 6 months ago

Dear Paula,

I’m a German PhD student currently working on the history of the German vegetarian movement from 1850 until 1935. I may have found something on your ancestors! I just stumbled upon your question while researching a vegetarian called Gustav Henschke. In 1875, he wrote an article for a German vegetarian magazine about a vegetarian’s perspective on animal welfare. He also published a book called “Die Pflanzenkost: Ihre Begründung nebst Anleitung zum praktischen Gebrauch derselben” in 1876, which roughly translates to: “The vegetable diet: Its justification besides a manual to practice it”. If it was the same Gustav Henschke who was born in 1851 and died in 1889, his age would fit perfectly! He must have emigrated to the US, which wasn’t uncommon for younger German families.

I would love to get in touch, I could tell you about some of his viewpoints, and it would be amazing for me to find out if there were any traces of vegetarianism left in your great grandmother for example! If you had documents on Gustav Henschke, that would be even more exciting.

All the best,

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