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Use the Library in Your Genealogy Research | Genealogy Clips #6

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Don’t let having a limited budget keep you from doing your genealogy research. Some of the best research sites are expensive to use, such as and Ordering the records you might have found on these sites can cost money, too. So, save yourself some money and further your genealogy research by going to the library.

There are free genealogy resources online, but they are not always indexed, and it can take some time to search through them. On the other hand, most libraries have subscriptions to the expensive genealogy websites, and you can use them for free on the library’s computers. There are even some genealogy websites that are only available to libraries, such as Lexis/Nexis and ReadEx. You will want to take advantage of all of these. You might even find some interesting information about those who only rely on subscription sites at home will miss.

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