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Who’s Who in the American Revolution

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The American Revolution was a famous war between the American colonies and their parent country, Great Britain. After establishing their own culture and way of life that was mostly separate and unique from Great Britain and having it that way for more than a century, the people of the colonies felt it was unfair to be taxed and ruled by their mother nation. They wanted to be independent. A war ensued from 1775 to 1783, which finally ended with an American victory with the signing by both countries of the Treaty of Paris. America was now the United States of America, and its own, independent nation, beginning an experiment in deliberately starting a nation from scratch such as history had never witnessed.

During most of the war, a victory for the Americans was far from sure, and those who were leading the revolution faced hanging or worse if they were captured by the British, or if the British won. They all knew the risk they were taking and went forward with the war anyway. It was something everyone participating believed in very much. While hundreds of thousands of people took part in the war on the American side, a handful of majority players pushed it forward, made it happen, and ultimately came up with the strategies that lead the Americans to victory. This is the story of the movers and shakers, the big players, of the American Revolution.