6 Questions To Ask Before Using The National Archives

6 Questions To Ask Before Using The National Archives

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I’ve been researching my family history since 1995 and it’s always a joy to look through the military documents at the National Archives.  It’s exciting to learn new information about your family’s military history. Before getting started using the National Archives, there are several questions that when answered can greatly help you in your adventure:

  1. What branch of service did the person serve in?
  2. Do you know the conflict they fought in or their dates of service?
  3. If they served in the Army, was it in the Regular Army or a volunteer unit?
  4. Do you know what state they were living in when they joined the military?
  5. Did the individual serve as an officer or enlisted man?
  6. Did the veteran, their widow, or a dependant apply for or receive a pension?

These questions are important, for the answers help determine which search paths to follow in researching records in the National Archives.

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