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What is Your 2020 Genealogy Vision?

Do you have a theme in mind for your genealogy research this year? What is a theme for genealogy research, anyway? Here is what you need to know about themes for genealogy research, and why they are...

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Tips for Getting the Most Out of the 1940 Census

Have you used the 1940 census in your family history research? If you have been doing genealogy for a while, you probably have used it many times. Whether you are experienced with it or are new...

Tracing Your Pioneer Ancestors

Do you have pioneer ancestry? What is pioneer ancestry, anyway, since most explorers can be referred to as pioneers? Here is what is unique about American pioneer ancestry, and how you can find your...

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Genealogy Helps #8

Searching for our ancestors has become a popular pastime, enhanced by the rise of the internet, which has made the task easier and much quicker.

Genealogy Helps #10

Are you interested in genealogy?  Have you been researching the past in the hope of unearthing amazing family connections? The latest volume of the exciting series can help with that!