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Famous Civil War Battlefields

So, if you’re planning on trekking to one of the famous Civil War battlefields across the country, which ones should be on the top of your list?

Using the 1890 US Veterans Schedule

Did you know that alternative records exist to help you fill in the gaps left by the loss of most of the 1890 US federal census? There are several such sources. One of the most useful, but little use...

The Last Holdout of the Confederacy

Town Line is a tiny hamlet in upstate New York near the Canadian border that inexplicably voted to secede and join the Confederacy during the Civil War. No one knows why to this day. Here is the...

Women in the Civil War

Did you know women played a large and important roles in the Civil War? They did. And it wasn't just by keeping the home fires burning. They were real soldiers.

The History of the Confederate Flag

Are you interested in the Confederate flag, for genealogical or historical reasons? Here is the real history of the flag and how it came to be.