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Y-DNA: A Closer Look at DNA Research #1

If you are interested in doing DNA research, there are several different types you can have done. This article discusses Y-DNA, which allows you to follow your direct male-line ancestors back into...

Y-DNA and the Enigma of Richard III

Did Richard III have a real, genetic claim to the throne of England? Testing on his Y-DNA calls it into question. Researchers are still studying it.

Meningioma and DNA Heredity

Meningiomas are usually benign tumors of the lining of the brain and spinal cord. While they are typically asymptomatic, they can cause symptoms and be dangerous in certain cases. New DNA research is...

New Ways to Find Maiden Names

Are you still looking for an elusive maiden name in your family tree? Here are three new suggestions to help you uncover it and discover a new family line.