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Autosomal DNA: A Closer Look at DNA Research #3

Autosomal DNA: A Closer Look at DNA Research #3

Autosomal DNA is a different type of DNA research you might want to consider. In fact, it is the most common and popular type of DNA testing done for genealogical purposes today. This is what autosomal DNA is, what it can tell you, and the ways you can use it to more accurately add to your family tree.

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Another way you can get your DNA tested is with autosomal DNA. This has become the most common and popular way to test your DNA, in fact. This is because this type of DNA allows you to research both sides of your family, not just your male or female line. It looks into your ancestry as a whole, connecting you with relatives from both sides of your family. You get a lot more genetic DNA connections on DNA genealogy websites with autosomal DNA analysis, which helps you add to your family tree more easily.

Autosomal DNA is what was once referred to as “junk DNA.” This is because scientists did not know what it was used for in the way humans are built or operate until recently. They thought it was just leftover DNA from far back in human pre-history that no longer served a purpose, but was still there. They found that it could be used to trace a person’s ancestry, however, and it became a popular DNA testing method. Most of the DNA genealogy websites use this method of testing now. You might actually have to look around a bit before finding a site that still offers strictly Y-DNA or mtDNA tests, though there are a few still operating out there.

It is most helpful in doing your autosomal DNA analysis if you can get one or more of your parents, siblings, grandparents, or other close relatives to test, as well. The more people in your close family who test, the more accurate your results will be. If your parents or grandparents test, most companies will also be able to let you know which of your genetic matches are related to you on which side of your family, allowing for more accurate family tree research.


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