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Genealogy Resources for Irish History Month

Do you have Irish genealogy? Since March is Irish-American Heritage Month (commonly called Irish History Month), this makes it a perfect time to begin your search. Here are three important and useful...

Your Polish Surname and its Meaning

Do you have a Polish surname in your family tree? If you do, you will almost certainly recognize it, as Polish surnames look unlike any other surnames in the world. Knowing their meaning can tell you...

Russian Surnames and Their Meanings

Russian surnames started being used relatively recently in history, with the patronymic surname, as was common in other parts of Europe. After that, however, the similarity ends, and Russian surnames...

Italian Surnames: Their History and Meaning

Do you have an Italian surname in your family tree? Then, you will want to know more about the history and meaning of Italian surnames. This information will help your family history research be more...

The Scots-Irish and How to Research Them

Do you have Scots-Irish ancestors, or think you might? Here's what you need to know about this unique cultural group and its history in the UK, Ireland, and America.

European Censuses

Do you have ancestors who lived in Europe and you want to find out more about them? Consider researching European censuses. Here's what you need to know.

Resource Guide to Canadian Genealogy

Do you have Canadian ancestors you wish to research? Are you wondering where to start? This list gives you five of the best websites for doing Canadian genealogy online.